Monia is our Support Service Manager in our Italian office. Since joining WD-40 Company in 2000, Monia has had many opportunities to bring our second value “Creating positive lasting memories in all of our relationships” to life. The example Monia has chosen, revolves around going above and beyond for a customer. The customer was unable to find our products in stores around the local area. The actions outlined in this example evidently left customer with a positive lasting memory of WD-40 both as a brand and a company.

As a result of our interactions with our Tribe and stakeholders, we all will feel better at the end of the interaction than we did when we began; we will leave with a positive memory of it.  Our shareholders should be proud to say they own our stock.  Our customers should consider us a part of their business success.  Consumers should be glad they bought our products, telling their friends about the quality and utility of our brands.   Our company name and our many brands should become known as emblems of quality, performance and value.  Our Tribe members should consider each other as valued friends and colleagues who share work, struggles, successes, life and laughter over the years.  The result will be a higher degree of mutual trust and respect, if we successfully live these values