Joining the Tribe in 2012, Severine currently holds the position of the Logistics and Customer Services Manager. In this video Severine reflects on the role she plays in successfully “succeeding as a tribe whilst excelling as individuals”. Severine highlights the importance that the values have played in ensuring the tribe succeed collaboratively while also individually achieving their own goals through a series of workshops and other activities.

We recognize that the collective success comes first.  Our organization is a global company with many different locations and Tribe members spread far and wide.  But everything we do is towards the success of the entire company.  And within the company are smaller groups, whether they are functional departments, or teams defined by geography.  The same philosophy applies in these sub-teams.   We believe the individual can’t “win” at the expense of, or apart from the team or Tribe.  But individual excellence is the means by which our organization succeeds.  And “excellence” is defined as outstanding contribution to the whole.