Hi, my name is James, I have been with WD-40 Company since 2008.

I remember applying to WD-40 back in 2008 where the advert read ‘you will be a big cog in a small wheel’, I am very happy to stand here as testament to this. We have a very ‘unique’ bunch of individuals within our Tribe, hugely varying in backgrounds and experience but with one common thread, our company values.

One of the best parts of working for WD-40 Company is your ability for progression. I am now in my fourth position as ‘Trade Sales Manager’, it may be a little ‘cliché’ but no two days are literally ever the same. As our business grows, we need more varying talents, both Specialists & Generalists, if you are willing to work (and play) hard, and take ownership of your career development, you will certainly find a place to call home here at WD-40.

The key function of my role is leading our Regional Account Sales Team, this consists of supporting my team to deliver sales growth to our business, and ultimately develop their skillset and preparing them for future opportunities within our business.

I have personally enjoyed many opportunities to develop, whether it be through professional training, mentorship or just excellent leadership, I feel genuinely lucky to have found such an amazing place to work.

My favourite part of working for WD-40 is our people, our emphasis from CEO down is all about our Tribe, Team Work is key to our success, we are lucky to have such an amazing brand, equally matched by the amazing people within our business that makes things happen.