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Tribal Culture

Through stories, a warrior spirit, celebration, meaningful work, evolving norms, teamwork, shared values, community learning and a strong sense of accountability, a tribal culture is becomes self-sustaining. People want to be here because they have a sense of purpose and belonging.

“Once employees are psychologically safe in the knowledge that they truly belong to the group, they can invest their emotional energies to the mission of their roles inside the tribe.” Garry Ridge, CEO, WD-40 Company.


We don’t make mistakes.  Each experience is a learning moment.  We share our learning moments with one another so we can improve together.  Our openness with learning moments provides us a circle of safety to innovate, learn, grow and get it right without fear of reprisal.

Our tribe is thriving.


One of the most basic human needs is to feel a sense of inclusion, acceptance and belonging. We are a unified and inclusive tribe bound together by our shared values, passion, hard work and the many positive lasting memories created along the way. At WD-40 Company, we value the uniqueness and variety of languages, cultures and people who create our fabric.  Our Tribe members are all over the world.

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